Lease to Own Single Family home in FL, 32140
Daryl Florahome, FL
I am very happy with my house from Vision Property Management. What a wonderful company to help people become homeowners.
Lease to Own Single Family home in ME, 04943
Brian Hartland, ME
Before Visions I was renting a house from a landlord referred to as a slumlord. After investing thousands of dollars and many many hours into that rental, out of my own pocket, I felt it was time for me to invest my time and money into something that would be mine. After exhausting searches, thanks to visions i found the home i wanted. The down payment was very reasonable and the monthly payment was even more reasonable. If an event in life puts me into a situation where i need to split my monthly payment, Visions is there to help with no questions asked. I and my family could be no more happy than we are with this company. I consistently refer my friends and family. Thank you Visions for the opportunity you have provided for me and my family. I look forward to future business with you.
Lease to Own Single Family home in ME, 04928
Christina Corinna, ME
I'm a single parent of two boys. I found this home and it was in the perfect location. It was the perfect size perfect price range for me. I work a full-time job as a truck driver and also a full-time job as a taxi driver. So yes money is tight. But when I found this program and everything started working out in my favor and 3 days ago May of 2017 I got the phone call saying that the possession of the house was mine. I was sitting at the supper table with my two boys the phone rang and I answered it, it was Derek from Vision properties management. He told me the information about me now being in possession of the home and I started to cry. Me and my two children were so happy we actually own our home. Thank you so much Derek you don't understand how much this means to my family.
Lease to Own Home
Clifford Birch Tree, MO
Just recently paid my house off, want to thank vision property management for working with me and helping me own my first home at the age of 24 never thought I'd be possible.
Lease to Own Single Family home in NY, 12528
Ron Plattekill, NY
I was looking for a home for us and kids and found one even knowing it needed more work then some I still enjoy the home. It's a great location and great school district.
Lease to Own Single Family home in MI, 48603
Brian Saginaw, MI
VPM has been a pleasure to worth with, especially Sophie, I was able to find a home near where my boys live with their Mother which to me was the most important aspect and the home was at an affordable price. I have a lot of work still to go to get everything where I want it to be, but when I'm done, I'll have plenty of equity for the future.
Lease to Own Home
Cathy Halifax, VA
After renting for so long Vision Property Management allowed me the opportunity to own my first home, while it did need some work that I was 100% willing to do I finally have the home I have always dreamed of. I have been in my home for almost 4 years now and, I have to say Vision Property Management is an awesome company to work with they have helped me so much with working around payment issues I have had after taking care of my very ill mother, not only did they help me they always have a kind word to me and my family during this time, it really meant a lot to me. I owe so many thanks to Sophia she has been an absolute blessing she has gone above and beyond to help me when I know no other bank or financial lender would ever do anything close to what she has done for me, I could never thank her enough! If you are looking for affordable rates and just wonderful people to work with look no further than Vision Property Management I promise you, you wont ever find anything even close to the care they will give you!!!
Lease to Own Single Family home in MI, 49279
Candie Sand Creek, MI
So quick and easy!!!! We were so thankful for such a friendly and speedy transaction. We were in a time crunch as a house sold and the house we were buying fell through.....Everyone at Vision was so helpful and thorough. It's a big help if you have all your paperwork ready! Thanks again for making our future house possible!
Lease to Own Single Family home in ME, 04416
Kelley Bucksport, ME
I highly recommend Vision Property Management. VPM was great to work with. Amy was wonderful to deal with and very helpful when there were questions , Amy got me the answers. Contracts are simple to read and full disclosures! If you are looking to buy but are skeptical, don't be. Thank you Amy and VPM!
Lease to Own Home
Melissa Tallassee, AL
My husband & I were searching for a home so we could move away from the city closer to our families and start our own business. Our credit had some flaws that made it harder for us to get the financing we needed to purchase a home. VPM worked with us and got us approved. We are now homeowners and could not be happier! Thank you for allowing us o make our dreams come true!
Lease to Own Single Family home in IN, 47918
David Attica, IN
I came to Vision Property Management seeking an affordable home buying solution. Yes, I knew that wholesale properties are going to have issues attached to them, but I was definitely prepared for the challenge. My home, luckily, needed much less than I anticipated, 90% of it directly tied to my water (and an unplugged sump pump). The big issues were an easy, affordable fix. Everything north of the ceiling (insulation, roofing, rafters) is new. Got lucky there, too. We remedied the small amount of mold with bleach, Kilz and 'sweat equity'.

Got blessed with a small amount of work. Many properties will be the same, folks, just don't go look at properties then complain later down the road. These guys were fair and disclosed everything they knew. The county did the rest for me.

Paperwork was easy. My plan of attack (remodeling proposal) was easier for me since I had a clear vision.

The biggest blessing was when I got situated with perhaps the greatest customer service person in the universe, Michelle. She has been a heaven sent to me, makes me feel like family. I will one day meet her, I hope.

Payments are fair. Taxes are fair. My home is nearly complete. I cannot thank Vision Property Management enough for being a 'property management company for the people'. Come to them with issues, they WILL work with you provided you don't lollygag and let your issue (payments, mainly) get out of hand. I've not needed their help in that manner, because I pay extra each month. But I know they'll accommodate me if needed.
Lease to Own Single Family home in KS, 66762
David Pittsburg, KS
Megan was great to deal with and very professional we bought this house for cash to flip. Will buy another from her when there is one available.
Lease to Own Single Family home in MI, 49079
Cody Paw Paw, MI
We are a hard working family, that didn't make great choices with our credit when we were younger. VPM offered us a great chance at becoming homeowners. Sophia @ VPM has always been a pleasure to work with. She is always willing to help with any questions we have had. We would recommend VMP to anybody looking for an affordable home!!
Lease to Own Single Family home in MI, 49038
Richlie Coloma, MI
Thank you VPM for giving us the chance to bring our communities back! I don't think people fully understand the opportunities your company provides by making the American dream come true. We are able to take sad, neglected, and unloved homes back to being a place we are proud to call home for ourselves and for future generations. I am proud to have three homes so far through VPM, and while we gut, redesign, and rebuild them, we are thrilled we can give back that sense of new home to an area so close to our heart.
Lease to Own Single Family home in NC, 28144
Buster Salisbury, NC
My wife and I was searching for a place of our own, she came upon a place I had history with, it took a lot of work, but now it called the presidents house of our block, thanks to Vision Property Management our dream became a reality.
Lease to Own Single Family home in PA, 19606
Carlos Reading, PA
I thought there were no way I would have my own house and I have talked to a lot of people and agencies but it seem there was no hope and kept finding dead ends, I was just about to give up and one simple phone call to vision property management and my dream came true. You think they would give you the runaround or excuses but no, it was simple and easy also very helpful. They knew my needs and worked with me all through my process, no matter what the problem was they were there to help you through it. I want to thank the team at vision property management for giving me that peace of mind and the opportunity to finally have my home. I want to give a special thanks to Sophie Atkinson she is there and always been helpful when ever I had a problem, she takes the time to listen and help me through the situation. I could be having my mind go in different directions but Sophia takes the time to get through it without stressing thanks again Sophia and the wonderful team at vision property management. God bless, keep up the excellent work you are all giving.
Lease to Own Home
Keri Anderson, SC
My husband and I were tired of renting and dreamed of owning a home. But we thought it was impossible with credit issues and not much put up for a down payment. But Vision made our dreams a reality. We love our house, the neighborhood, and our experience with Vision. They made sure we know exactly what to do next and what we were getting in to with the LOP program. It has been a great experience.
Lease to Own Single Family home in NC, 28164
Krystal Stanley, NC
When we saw our house we thought we were not going to get this house. Thur vision properties we first thought there would be a catch but they are true to what they say unlike the others places and they work with us we had a sales person by the name of Derrick. He was very nice and always reachable and we had our house contract signed in one week he was so nice and we have been with them for two years now and we have a awesome lady assigned to us her name is Sophie and she works with us. Sophie and a lot of the guys at this company are awesome they do what they say but when you call them if you have a problem they are not just a bank it like talking to family they help you figure the best way. We have been up grading our house in the past two years. It's just like you own your home with bad credit I love it we are working on our credit while we work on our house at the same time I have been trying to get my family to keep a eye out on vision properties for their dream home and we just are waiting on the best one for them and then it really will be family for sure. So please give them a try they are awesome I love my vision properties family....
Lease to Own Single Family home in IN, 46619
Christine South Bend, IN
Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to be a home owner. We love our home. I send everyone I know who asks about buying a home to Vision Property website.
Thank you again...
Lease to Own Single Family home in OH, 44820
Sara Bucyrus, OH
I love my house! Thank You Tequila for your patience and understanding through the process! Everyone I have talked to have been kind and curteous.
Lease to Own Single Family home in AL, 35150
Lindsi Sylacauga, AL
Me and my husband were tired of wasting money that we really did not have on rent. After the birth of our son we happened across a VPM house. At first we were skeptical but after many phone calls to VPM that answered all of our questions, we decided to give it a shot! It has been the best decision we've made. There aren't any surprises and the staff has been amazing! Thank you VPM for making our dream a reality.
Lease to Own Home
Ben Des Moines, IA
I bought a house from Vision in 2011. I can't imagine owning a home mortgage-free without them. They serve an important role in the market and make home ownership possible for a lot of people. They are also really good, honest people. When I recently sold the house (at a 10x profit), Vision went out of their way to help me get a document I needed to close. This was 5 years after selling me the property, and they were under no obligation to do so. Thanks guys!
Lease to Own Single Family home in IN, 47803
Steve Terre Haute, IN
It took a little bit of work but we are very satisfied with our house.
Lease to Own Single Family home in MI, 48141
Daizja Inkster, MI
I've been living in my home for almost 3 years and i still love it. Vision Property Management still answers my questions, and they're easy going. Even though I've been with them for 3 years their still very helpful even sometimes if I'm late on my payment thank you VPM.
Lease to Own Home
Penny Ellenwood, GA
I was recently disabled and unable to get a mortgage due to my past illness. It was hard enough to pay for my meds, and I could afford a mortgage but not the huge downpayment. I knew I wanted to own a home, but couldn't figure out what to do until I came across VPM3. People like Sarah were so kind and helpful. They were very patient in explaining things and being sure I knew what I was doing. I still live in the home I bought from them in 2012! Thanks again!
Lease to Own Single Family home in OK, 73505
Rae Lynn Lawton, OK
We got the chance to buy the house we used to rent. Without Vision Property, we would have still been renting. They have worked with us and are always extremely helpful and thorough. Every step was easy all the way. Whenever someone asks how we got our house we always tell them Vision Property Management! For us the low payment has been a huge relief considering what we were paying before. Thank you so much for giving us our home!
Lease to Own Single Family home in MI, 48846
Amanda Ionia, MI
We originally called on a different house but were beat to the punch by a few hours. They told us about this house and we had to come look at it. It needed some work but nothing that we can't tackle. Affordable payments and a easy home buying process that they helped us every step of the way.
Lease to Own Single Family home in OH, 44035
Trisha Elyria, OH
We found the house by accident and didn't think we had a chance to own our own home. We called, checked out the house and started submitting the paperwork. It was all surprisingly easy and far less hoops to go through then normal house buying. Within a couple weeks we were approved and moving in. Everyone we dealt with was very nice and super helpful... even when I would ask the same thing several times. We have been here for just over 2 years now and tell everyone about Vision Properties. I have their website saved so I can show others the house and how easy it is.
Lease to Own Single Family home in MI, 49022
Dave Benton Harbor, MI
We are a non-profit organization looking to begin a home renovation to ownership program in Benton Harbor, MI. Housing stock has deteriorated over many years and rental rates are way too high. Amy from VPM caught our vision and did all she could to facilitate a good sale price and make the deal happen. All the VPM staff we worked with have been helpful, responsive, and competent.
Lease to Own Single Family home in IL, 61032
Ashley Freeport, IL
You guys are great. We are buying are home and you guys are so helpful. It needs work but it's mine. The people that work there are so nice and sweet. Needs work but it's mine. Thank you so much.
Lease to Own Home
Jason Cottageville, SC
Me and my wife were looking for a bigger place we came across Vision and decided to check out some of their homes that needed work found one that fit our needs for size and location put a lot of work sweat and tears into it. The lease-to-own was very nice so therefore we did not have to come up with such a large down payment before moving out of then smaller home. Things have worked out great and with our closing coordinator Nicole we have closed and paid off our current home with Vision.
Lease to Own Single Family home in OH, 43406
Jeff Bradner, OH
Was in a pinch to get moved out of the situation I was in nearly 3 years ago. Seen a property (which is now my home) that just had a small sign. So I inquired about it. It wasn't perfect and needed a few things before I could live in it. But I took a chance. And I have to say it was worth it. Having my own home and something I could do whatever I wanted to when I wanted at my pace has been great. Customer service is always prompt and polite. Even when I have something come up they listen and understand and agree to every arrangement we've ever spoke about. Couldn't be happier with my choice. Would definitely do it again.
Lease to Own Single Family home in AL, 36360
Michael Ozark, AL
I appreciate the chance given to me by Vision Property to have my own home. It is a wonderful place to live.
Lease to Own Single Family home in MO, 65259
Melanie Huntsville, MO
Thanks Vision Property & Jean for making my property buying experience pleasant. I look forward to buying again in the near future.
Lease to Own Single Family home in PA, 15461
Teona Masontown, PA
A little over a year ago my husband and I were living in a town home in the community paying $695 dollars a month in rent and we couldn't do anything to the home at that time we came across vision property management , we have been so blessed to be able to work with them we love our new home and payments are half of of what our rent was.we can make any improvement to the home we want . We are in the process of purchasing the home and we honestly couldn't be happier. I will always recommend this company.
Lease to Own Single Family home in AL, 36567
Clinton Robersdale, AL
Me and my wife we're looking for a place to rent BC we never thought it would be a possibility to buy. VPM made it possible to buy a house. Not only did my Father who was like my best friend passed in February right after Valentine's Day from cancer, I lost my job and was having trouble making my payments. Thanks to Sophia, my account representative, who went out of her way to make payment arrangements that was affordable so I would not lose are home we worked so hard for. I would like to take this time to thank Sophia and everyone at Vision Property Management for everything you have helped us with.
Lease to Own Single Family home in PA, 18224
Ali Freeland, PA
It was a struggle to find the right place, the process was quick and straight forward, now my family and I enjoy our home, thank you so much.

Lease to Own Single Family home in OH, 45171
Dustin Sardinia, OH
I really appreciate Vision Property giving me a chance to own my own home. Easy to work with. I've always wondered with all the homes not lived in in the world why do we have homeless people? I feel Vision Property management is a huge step in the right direction very pleasant to talk to and will help you every step of the way I tell everyone about Vision Property management.